5 Electronic Gadgets to Use to Avoid Car Accidents

The hustle and bustle of our daily lives require us frequent travels on our trusty automobiles. However, the more time you spend on the road, the higher your chances are of encountering an accident. With the demands that our work and professions impose on us only heightens this risk. All hope is not lost though, for technology has granted us the power to being productive even while we are on the road whilst reducing the risk of an unfortunate event. Let’s check out 5 of the best gadgets that allow us a productive yet safe traveling experience.

1. Bluetooth Headset

Many careers and professions require us to be in constant contact with clients and colleagues. Driving is not an excuse to delay a contract or a million dollar deal! Of course, use of cellphones while driving is not only illegal but hazardous to your safety and the safety of other motorists. This is why having a Bluetooth headset is a must! It allows seamless hands-free communication with the outside world without having to veer away attention from the road. The Bluetooth technology has been around for more than a decade over which the improvements have been astonishing! Finding a headset that suits your needs is extremely easy with all the choices available. I recommend you check out Jabra and Plantronics models; they offer high-quality products at very reasonable prices.

2. Backup Sensors

Who really has time to park, right? Sometimes circumstances, wherein we are late to arrive at important meetings, are impossible to avoid, pair that with a challenging parking slot and you’re bound to hit a wall… or another car! Technology once again comes to our aid in this dire time of need! Back up sensors for vehicles assist drivers who are reverse parking by sending out signals, usually through beeps, indicating the distance from a wall or another vehicle. This is both a safety and time-saving feature. In fact, majority of cars nowadays ship out of the factory with sensors already installed. If your car does not come with one, don’t worry there is a wide variety of options for you! You may even go as far as installing a backup camera along with sensors!

3. Sound system/Radio

Sport a good audio system in your car. Listening to your all-time favorite tracks can calm down your nerves and make you more alert. Driving while hot-headed can be very dangerous to you, your passengers and other motorists. Grab a stereo with USB connectivity which you can attach your iPod or any other music player too. Road rage is the ridiculous reason to risk your safety, so put on your favorite track and calm down.

4. Anti-Sleep Driving Alarm

Work is the number one reason for the deprivation of sleep in this world. It is unavoidable sometimes to have to work overtime in order to get something which is critically important done. Your ability to drive home is also as critical! This is where the anti-sleep driving alarm comes in. On those drives that you’re extremely tired and the risk of dozing off while on the wheel is high, wear this device, and it will ring a loud beep every time your head tilts over 30 degrees. Now, this is not to encourage driving while having urges to sleep; this is only for situations wherein you don’t have much choice. It is always best to take a nap instead of forcing yourself to drive.

5. GPS

The best safety gadget you can have in your auto is a GPS! Having a global positioning system device allows you to get to your destination safely and efficiently. It rids us of the need to use maps which are extremely dangerous if you are alone driver. Attention should always be on the road you are driving on, nowhere else. GPS devices allow you to do this. Another plus is that in the event of an accident, a GPS will be able to pinpoint your exact location which will help rescuers find you.

At the end of the day, no gadget can be a replacement for common sense. Yes, a lot of these electronics will cover for our mistakes, miscalculations, and recklessness. The driver is the most important safety feature in any vehicle, so be one. A good driver equipped with these five amazing gadgets is sure to have a pleasant, safe and productive drive.

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