Bounty Hunter Lone Star Metal Detector

Lone Star Metal Detector

Is there anyone who has never participated in a treasure hunt? Of course not, this activity is a very common game among children, but it can also offer a great earning potential, especially if the hunter finds metal objects. The fields and the beaches abound with buried treasure, which may not have the value of the loot that pirates hid underground in the past, but which are in any case attractive and valuable. To exploit these opportunities, however, it is necessary to have a tool that can detect traces of metal in the ground: a metal detector. Bounty Hunter Lone Star metal detector is the latest product in this field. Thanks to its 8-inch coil fitted with a comfortable S-rod, this metal detector is able to find larger objects buried up to 3 feet deep, while the ability to detect treasures of small size reaches eight centimeters.

Lone Star Key Features

Prons And Cons

Lone Star has a LCD able to show the composition of the metals that form the object detected in the soil. If that is not enough, the internal loudspeakers provide this information acoustically. For each of the three sounds that it emits corresponds to three different groups of metals. Bottle caps, gold and nickel correspond to the lowest sound; the medium shade indicates zinc or cents back to 1982. A high tone reports brass, silver and cents prior to 1982.

The touch pad of the product allows the owner to use a metal detector in three different ways, depending on the object that he wants to find. The first is “all metal”, which analyzes any track, the second one “auto notch”, which excludes the iron and other metals that do not have value, and the last one is “discriminate notch”, which works similar to the previous mode, but makes it possible to manually select any other metals and exclude them during the search.

The weight of this product is 4.6 pounds so it is possible to carry the Lone Star anywhere effortlessly. It can be connected via a cable jack (included) to headphones, but it is necessary to purchase them separately, as well as the batteries for operation (9-volt alkaline batteries).

Previous buyers are extremely pleased with this product, which has received no critics. Indeed, all of them confirmed that the Bounty Hunter Lone Star Metal Detector is practical, able to discriminate between metals and to provide excellent performance at an affordable price ($ 199.95). The warranty, which lasts for five years, is obviously a great strength of this Bounty Hunter product.

Lone Star Metal Detector turns out to be a fantastic product for treasure expert hunters, as well as those engaging in this hobby for the first time. With this metal detector and a bit of good will, it is possible to return to the light all the objects that the subsoil jealously hides. So why shouldn’t a lover of research and adventure not embark on this adventure? Why a nature lover should miss the opportunity to cleanse the land from recyclable items that pollute the environment simply because they are not visible? Unfortunately, at least for now, Bounty Hunter has imposed restrictions on the sale; therefore,only U.S. citizens can buy Lone Star.

Bounty Hunter Lone Star Metal Detector

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