Case Study – Windows Azure – Orion Energy Systems

It is all very well to talk of cloud computing. How does it really benefit companies in the real world?

Look at this case study –

The Orion Energy Systems Company was founded in 1996 with the purpose of providing an alternative energy saving lighting solution to other companies and enterprises. Having their base of operations in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, their breakthrough product was the “Illuminator ” which was patented by Neal Verfuerth. The Illuminator provides 50% more light than conventional discharge lighting devices at only half the energy cost.

With such an efficient product, it’s no wonder that Orion Energy System has expanded over the years and is now one of the leading energy saving companies in the US. Nowadays, their number one product is the InteLite software which collects all the essential data regarding lighting energy consumption greatly aiding Orion Employees in finding viable solutions for cutting costs and saving energy. This helps industry immensely and is hugely responsible for the company’s growth.

The Problem

Due to the continuous growth of the company and the incredible success of the InteLite software, the board of directors were faced with a new problem. As more and more clients wanted to use the excellent energy saving software, the data collected by it was starting to get out of hand. This was also because some clients had the software up and running on several sites, not just one.

This quickly turned into a problem because the administration of the company had to find a way to store all the data collected and they had to find it fast. The first suggestion was to build a whole new facility and equip it with all the hardware necessary in order to store and analyze all the gathered data. This idea was quickly discarded though, as it meant that the company had to keep building new facilities as they got more and more clients. It was easy to understand that this wasn’t a viable business development solution, especially since the maintenance prices for the whole infrastructure would have also sky-rocketed.

The Solution

Orion Energy System administration quickly concluded that the only way to ensure excellent services for their customers while also maintaining operation costs low and keeping the company on a steady growth was to migrate all their software onto a Cloud Computing Platform. This is how the collaboration between Microsoft and Orion Energy System first came to be.

The Windows Azure platform offered the company a perfect way to store the huge amounts of data collected from their clients while also providing the computing resources necessary to run all their software products at optimum parameters.

Here are some other benefits that followed after the company started to use the Windows Azure Platform:

  • Lower Maintenance Costs and the ability to calculate revenue
  • No $ 58,000 annual labor costs
  • Improved Cyber Security
  • Better customer support and service

Orion has logged large benefits to their bottom line by switching over to the Windows Azure platform. Perhaps it is time you looked at your own operations as well.

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