The best collaboration and brainstorming tools to run your business smartly

Things have dramatically changed over the past few years in the way we do business and achieve projects. Today, coworkers do not need to be in the same office to work together. What was unthinkable yesterday is now something everyone is used to.

Project management is nothing but planning, organizing and managing the resources. But how would you make it happen when every collaborator is in a different place? This problem can be solved with a handful of online tools that can ensure your brainstorming meeting will be full of fresh ideas and very good communication with colleagues from all over the world.

In this article, we are going to have a deeper look into five of my favorite collaboration tools to help you chose one if you haven’t already.


Basecamp is by far one of the most well-known collaboration tools out there. It literally takes your collaboration to a new level because it helps you keep track of every file, discussion, and event from beginning to end, all in one place. Plus this project management, collaboration, and web-based task management tool is trusted by millions of users. Give it a shot; you will find out how awesome it is.


The simplest way to organize your task and projects. These are the words that define the most this great tool. It has an Android app, an iPhone app, a Web app, a Mac desktop app, a Blackberry app, a Chrome extension, an HTML5 Mobile web app, a Gmail gadget and a lot more. Of course, it doesn’t do everything but what it can do, is done efficiently because it works the same way you do. It’s all about getting tasks done, period! Curious?

Join me is a simple instant screen sharing and powerful meeting tool, intuitive and accessible every day. It’s one of the best app used to make a formal or a show-and-tell presentation. Screen sharing works just perfect; you will love it especially on the fly. And don’t forget, you are allowed hundreds of participants per meeting depending on the chosen plan. Just make sure your Internet connection is good enough to handle to load!


Combining the practices in productivity with tools from social networking is the main philosophy of Teambox. This online collaboration project software will allow your staff to be more productive and efficient within your organization. You will be able to create tasks, start a conversation, share files on the cloud and access your information anywhere, anytime. This platform really allows everyone to comment on each other ideas in order to come up with something truly collaborative and creative.


Think a moment about what makes projects fail. It’s not that you didn’t work hard, but you really need to work intelligently. People fail in their projects because they are overloaded with papers, emails, and notes. Trying to succeed in these conditions is just nonsense. Comindwork is providing a radical new way to structure your communication. Your teams will escape emails noises, files chaos and will bring accountability to work.

As a collaboration between people in different geographical locations is becoming a common business issue, the need for truly powerful collaboration tools is rising and solutions to meet that need are being developed by talented and creative teams to give every business the solution they need.

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