TomTom Curfer: The Best Track Driving App

When we drive a car for the first time, we will drive the car awkwardly. Especially for the girls which is known for their poor driving skill. But don’t worry, as technology keep developing, there is a hardware named TomTom Curfer which can give you information about your driving. TomTom Curfer also available in app for Android and iOS. Are you curious about this hardware and app? Make sure check this TomTom Curfer Review below.



TomTom Curfer Review: What is that? What is the function?

If you want to track your vehicle dynamics as you drive, you can use this hardware that fit in the car. While the smartphone app can records information from this hardware and shows it to you in a number of advantageous ways. The purpose of this hardware is to let you track you driving. Whether you drive it smoothly or awkwardly. So, with this hardware you can improve your driving skill.

TomTom Curfer also can find your car. Just find your car from your phone’s map. It also can track car’s engine load, oil temperature and battery voltage. You will get an alert if one of these enter the red zone, then you cannot running out of it.

TomTom Curfer Review: How to use it?

First, make sure that your car is compatible with this hardware. If yes, then plug it to On Board Diagnostic (OBD). Then, connect the Curfer to your smartphone via Bluetooth. After that, you car’s sensor will adjusted.

This process take a few minutes but not too long. As you driving your car, the sensor collected and combined your car’s information for acceleration, cornering, idling, and also braking.

The information will be given in a score out of 100. You can also take a look at the paths that you took on a map by using your smartphone’s GPS.

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